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_ P _ " R ___ O __ V INCE OF B ~~.~~_~_~ _____. _ R BRITISH COLUMBIA UTILITIES CO~~ISSIO~ ----~"-----~--"-"-.,----.--~ .. --- .~,.-"--.--- --~~.,--,-"-,.---IN TaE rvINI"rER OF the Utilities Commission Act SBC 1980, c. 60 and IN THE MAT'E'ER OF an Application by Cigas Products Ltd. - Granisle Grid System 13EF'OH.E: M. Taylor, Chairman; R. Smith, Deputy Chairman; D.B. Kilpatrick, Commissioner; and J.D.V. Ne\vlands, Comilli s sioner o R -D -~\IHEREAS Cigas Products Ltd. - System ("Cigas ll ) applied October 23, 1980 to amE:nd its filed rate schedule in its Gas Tariff B.C.E.C. No. I, covering the rates to be charged for propane gas service rendered by the Company in its service area; and mmREAS the amenc1.uent is to permit Cigas to recover an increase, effective November I, 1980, in the cost of propane purchased from its supplier equivalent to 11.10 cents/Ccf, plus increases in transportation costs and allowance for working capital equivalent to 1.20 cents/Ccf; and IvHEREAS thE:: Commission has reviewed the Application and supporting material and finds that the filing of the amendment to the filed tariff rate schedules is necessary in the public interest. ! " _ I _ T _ I w S "' __ H __ _ C __ O _ L U~BIA <_."" __. ~_ October 30, 1980 E -R Granisle Grid /'/ .... ~ J -~
U-G-5--80 2 NOW THEREFORE the C ssion h(=c orders Cigas Products Ltd. - Granisle Grid tern as follows: 1. The Commiss n acc for filing effective wi t:h consumption on and after November I, 1980 the following tariff schedule incorporating an increase of 12.3 cents per 100 cubic feet. Amended Thirteenth Revision of Original Sheet No. 10 - Schedule 1: General Service Rat.e 2. A notice of explanation of the increase will be directed to all customers affected. DATED at the City of Vancouver, in the Province of Bri sh Columbia, this 5th day of November, 1980. BY ORDER Chairman
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