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c : .A ~ -' ': .. ' ' ; = : .. ? ..: : : ,~y ,, ~ /J;~ S coN'\"" PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA BRITISH COLUMBIA UTILITIES COMMISSION IN THE MATTER OF the Utilities Commission Act, SBC 1980, c. 60 and IN THE MATTER OF an Application by Vancouver Island Gas Company Ltd. BEFORE: D.B. Kilpatrick, Commissioner; and J.D.V. Newlands, Commissioner o R D E R WHEREAS Vancouver Island Gas Company Ltd. ("Vigas") applied November 17, 1980, pursuant to Section 67(4) of the Act to amend its filed rate schedules in its Gas Tariff covering the rates to be charged for propane/butane gas service rendered by the Company through its grid system in its service area in Nanaimo; and WHEREAS the amendment is to permit Vigas to recover an increase in the cost of propane purchased from its suppliers and the effect of the excise tax imposed under the terms of the Government of Canada Excise Tax Act, plus related costs; and WHEREAS the Commission has reviewed the Application and supporting material and finds that the filing of the amendments to the filed tariff rate schedules is necessary in the public interest. TVJENTY FlF1sr FLOOR. 11 n WEST HA.ST!~~GS B r: L' UTi C~~'~]SSION ~ ~& f 2 \ "l . Y ( ! '~~ 0 < ! . , ." , " , , ""u--":J ... ' . " -.. ~,C::> ORDER U-G-20-80 NUMBER ) ) November 28, 1980 ) ) . .. /2 8 C V6E 2L7 Ct,NAOA. lELEr!-~O~J[ 6gY-1831 TELEX
NOW THEREFORE the Commission hereby orders Vancouver Island Gas Company Ltd. as follows: The Commission will accept for filing effective with consumption on and after November 1, 1980 the following tariff rate schedules incorporating an increment of 12.25 cents per Ccf of propane gas, necessary to enable recovery of an increase in product cost from suppliers, plus the effect of the Federal Excise Tax on purchases of liquid propane, and related costs: Sixth Revision of Page 10 Seventh Revision of Page 11 DATED at the City of Vancouver in the Province of British Columbia, thi~~ day of November, 1980. -------------(; ~; Cuti " -) ------------, LU : N ORDER NUMBER U-G-20-80 2 7;{ ;»~CI1S2 /dJssioner /
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