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,\\'2>'(\ COI..U". ~ $' ~SiIj """ -' ,-:'\..., T:;:.;;" c :. -. > e . ~' .. :;; ~~ : ~ . " " ' , "" ~ " ~,./ ,. /J)~ S CON"'" PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA BRITISH COLUMBIA UTILITIES COMMISSION IN THE MATTER OF the utilities Commission Act, SBC 1980, c. 60 and IN THE MATTER OF an Application by Inland Natural Gas Co. Ltd. BEFORE: R. Smith, Deputy Chairman; D.B. Kilpatrick, Commissioner; and J.D.V. Newlands, Commissioner o R D E R WHEREAS by Applications dated June 16, 1980 Inland Natural Gas Co. Ltd. ("Inland") applied for both interim and permanent rate relief; and WHEREAS the Commission, by Order No. G-44-80 dated June 26, 1980, granted interim relief of approximately $3,100,000; and WHEREAS by Commission Order No. G-47-80, as amended by Order No. G-53-80, the Applications were heard in public in Kamloops, British Columbia on November 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, 1980 and in Vancouver, British Columbia on November 26, 1980i and WHEREAS it was suggested in the March 1979 Decision of this Commission that consideration be given by Inland Natural Gas Co. Ltd. to a Management Audit; and WHEREAS the matter arose again during the course of the hearing and some confusion emerged as to what constitutes a Management Audit; and TWEt~TY FIRS r FLOOR. 1177 \N~ST HAST!t'lGS STReET, V.A.NCOUVcl1 8:::: V6E BRITISH COLUMBIA ''7~ :.; 'Y UTILITIES COMMISSlOt~ I I~ ' , ' ~ ' , N ," ,, 0 < ! ~ T ' -$~r-C;; ... ",<?:> ORDER NUMBER U-G-23-80 ) ) ) December 22, 1980 ) ) ) ... /2 CAN,ADA, TELf;')dON[ EX
B CO UTilITIES COMMISSION ORDER NUMBER U-G-23-80 2 WHEREAS the evidence at transcript page 782 indicates this matter has been and is under consideration by the Applicant; and WHEREAS in view of the above circumstances, the Commission believes that its views should be made known in advance of the Decision, in order that all parties concerned achieve the maximum benefit to be derived from such an audit, at minimum cost; and WHEREAS on the basis of the history of this matter and evidence adduced, the Commission believes that an independent assessment should be made. NOW THEREFORE the Commission hereby orders: (1) That a Management Audit be undertaken by an independent consultant on terms of reference established by the Commission and that the results thereof be considered in this Applicant's next rate proceeding. ,(2) That the appointment of the consultant and the terms of reference be established by the Commission in a further Order to be issued on or before February 8, 1981. DATED at the City of Vancouver, in the Province 1t of British Columbia, this 23 t> day of December, 1980. BY ORDER ~.(S.l~~ Commissioner
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