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-<,.\s'f". C0I. , ~ ,i~ ~ c ~ a. ' -.: ..A ~::k}-::;"lf!·~'~.7· 0 ~~~;T,"'~ ?..'..;. - ~ C::Ji;i I~S coN\~"'\ PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA BRITISH COLUMBIA UTILITIES COMMISSION IN THE MATTER OF Act, SBC 1980, c. 60 IN THE ~~TTER OF an Application by West Kootenay Power and Light Company, Limited BEFORE: M. Taylor, Chairman; D.B. Kilpatrick, Commissioner; and J.D.V. Newlands, Commissioner o R D E WHEREAS West Kootenay Power and Light Company, Limited ("West Kootenay Power") Cormnission approval of a "Modification Agreement" dated September 8, 1980 between the City of Ke10wna and West Kootenay Power; and WHEREAS the purpose of the "Modification Agreement" is to establish a rational boundary between the electrical utility operations of the City of Kelowna and West Kootenay Power as indicated in a map of the area designated as Appendix II to the "Modification Agreement"; and WHEREAS the Commission has considered the matter and believes that the "Hodification Agreement" properly conserves the public interest. T'I.f.~>i7"'f F~OOH. 11 ViES-;- !,,"j;STl~H33 S"'HEET, Vl'}JCOiJVER 8 C r----- t UA _ 8i~lnSH COLUMBIA '47~ UilUTIES GOMf';i!SSJON W .~...~ ' ~ ORDER NUMBER U-G-29-80 the Utilities Commission and ) ) ) December 23, 1980 ) ) ) R applied September 8, 1980 for . .. /2 CAr~,t\DA TELEPHQ~J:: ,flU
NOW THEREFORE the Commission hereby approves the "Modification Agreement" between the City of Kelowna and West Kootenay Power and Light Company, immediately. DATED at the City of Vancouver, of British Columbia, this 8th day of January, 1981. ------------~---. BRITISH COLUMBIA UTILITIES COMMISSION ORDER NUMBER U-G-29-80 2 Limited effective in the Province BY ORDER A<o/~ Chairman
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