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PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUHBIA BRITISH COLUMBIA UTILITIES COMMISSION IN THE MATTER OF the Utilities Co~~ission Act, SBC 1980, c. 60 IN THE ~~TTER OF an Application by British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority BEFORE: M. Taylor, Chairman; D.B. Kilpatrick, Commissioner; and J.D.V. New1ands, Commissioner o R D E R WHEREAS British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority (IIB.C. Hydro") applied December 8, 1980 for approval and acceptance for filing of a letter agreement dated November 26, 1980 between B.C. Hydro and West Kootenay Power and Light Company, Limited covering the rates to be charged for ยทcapacity supply of electricity during the period December. I, 1980 through February 28, 1981; and WHEREAS the Commission has reviewed the Application and supporting material and finds that the filing of the letter agreement is necessary in the public interest. NOW THEREFORE the Commission hereby orders British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority as follows: The Commission accepts for filing effective December I, 1980 the aforementioned letter agreement dated November 26, 1980. DATED at the City of Vancouver, in the Province of British Columbia, this 8th day of January, 1981. ;\:JENiY F!RST FlC::>R 1177 WEST HA$T~NGS STREET. VA"';(:O'J'.;;J Be, V6E 217 CANADA TELEPl-iO:"JE i&::..1, 5.o~1';31, TElEA C"!.S';'~3., BRITISH COLUMBiA UTILITiES COMMISSIO ORDER NUMBER U-G-26-80 and } ) } ) December 23, 1980 ) ) BY ORDER /-j' . R / /r/~ (/1:Y/-r; Chairman
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