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B R IT IS H C O L U M B I A U T IL IT I E S C O M M IS S I ON O R D E R a N U M B ER E-16-97 SIXTH FLOOR, 900 HOWE STREET, BOX 250 TELEPHONE: (604) 660-4700 VANCOUVER, B.C. V6Z 2N3 BC TOLL FREE: 1-800-663-1385 CANADA FACSIMILE: (604) 660-1102 IN THE MATTER OF the Utilities Commission Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, Chapter 473 and An Application by BC Gas Utility Ltd. for Approval of Natural Gas Supply Contracts and Amendments BEFORE: L.R. Barr, Deputy Chair ) and Acting Chair ) K.L. Hall, Commissioner ) December 4, 1997 P.G. Bradley, Commissioner ) O R D E R WHEREAS: A. On JulyÊ2, 1997 the Commission, by Letter No.ÊL-30-97, approved BCÊGas' 1997/98 Gas Contracting Plan that was consistent with the Company's Integrated Resource Plan filing; and B. On October 27, 1997, BCÊGas Utility Ltd. (ÒBC GasÓ) filed with the Commission for approval, copies of baseload, seasonal, peaking and other gas contracts and amendments for the 1997/98 gas contract year, attached as Appendices 1 and 2 to this Order, with the following suppliers; and · Engage Energy Canada, L.P. (ÒEngageÓ) · Natural Gas Clearing House Canada Inc. (ÒNGCHCÓ) · Coral Energy Canada Inc. (ÒCoralÓ) · Amoco Canada Petroleum Company Limited (ÒAmoco CanadaÓ) · Enron Capital & Trade Resources Canada (ÒEnronÓ) · Anderson Oil & Gas (ÒAndersonÓ) · Canadian Hunter Exploration Ltd. (ÒCanadian HunterÓ) · Unocal Canada Limited (ÒUnocalÓ) · Novagas Clearinghouse Ltd. (ÒNCCLÓ) · Amoco Energy Trading Company (ÒAmoco EnergyÓ) ¥ Union Oil Company of California (ÒUnion OilÓ) ¥ Imperial Oil LimitedÊ(ÒImperialÓ) ¥ ECNG Inc.Ê(ÒECNGÓ) . . ./2
B R IT I S H C O L U M B I A U T I L I T IE S C O M M I S S I ON O R D E R N U M B E R E-16-97 2 · Enershare Technology CorporationÊ(ÒEnershareÓ) · Questar Energy Trading Company Ê(ÒQuestarÓ) · CanWest Gas Supply Inc.Ê(ÒCanWestÓ) · Union Pacific Resources, Inc.Ê(ÒUnion PacificÓ) · Duke Energy Trading and Marketing, LLCÊ(ÒDuke EnergyÓ) · Duke Energy - Clay Basin Redelivery · ATCO Gas ServicesÊ(ÒATCOÓ) C. In the OctoberÊ27, 1997 filing BCÊGas outlined its peak-day supply resource portfolio, attached as AppendixÊ3, that is consistent with its Gas Contracting Plan; and D. The Commission has reviewed the BCÊGas filing and is satisfied that approval of the gas supply contracts and amendments is appropriate and in the public interest. NOW THEREFORE pursuant to SectionÊ71 of the Utilities Commission Act and the Rules, the Commission approves the following for BC Gas, subject to the timely filing of fully executed contract documents: 1. Five new gas supply contracts for the 1997/98 gas contract year, which are listed in AppendixÊ1. 2. Twenty-six gas supply contract amendments for the 1997/98 gas contract year, which are listed in Appendix 2. 3. BCÊGas has entered into a number of gas supply contracts which contain evergreen term provisions. BCÊGas is advised that it must be prepared to defend its decisions in the future that permit such agreements to remain in place during the evergreen period. DATED at the City of Vancouver, in the Province of British Columbia, this ÊÊÊÊ10thÊÊÊÊday of December, 1997. BY ORDER Original signed by: Lorna R. Barr Deputy Chair and Acting Chair Attachments ORDERS/BCG-NatrlGasSplyCntrcts&Amdmts
BC Gas Utility Ltd. New Gas Supply Contracts for 1997/1998 Gas Year Supplier Contract Contract Quantity Date Engage 1997-09-15 NGCHC 1997-10-01 Coral 1997-08-15 1997-09-01 Enron 1997-05-05 APPENDIX 1 to Order No. E-16-97 Page 1 of 1 Term Type (GJ/d) (Years) 10,551 1 Peaking 10,551 1 Seasonal 10,551 5 Baseload/Seasonal 21,183 1 Synthetic Storage
BC Gas Utility Ltd. Gas Supply Contract Amendments for 1997/1998 Gas Year Supplier Date of Contract Amendment Quantity (GJ/d) Amoco Canada 1997-10-01 30,413 Canadian Hunter 1997-10-01 22,107 Canadian Hunter 1997-10-01 7,494 Anderson 1997-10-01 14,051 Unocal 1997-10-01 11,241 Canadian Hunter 1997-10-01 12,799 Imperial Oil 1997-10-01 5,246 Amoco Energy 1997-11-01 10,551 Union Oil 1997-10-28 5,275 Duke Energy 1997-10-09 Duke Energy 1997-10-09 15,826 Questar 1997-08-26 10,551 CanWest 1997-08-15 15,826 Union Pacific 1997-10-01 10,551 Duke Energy 1997-10-09 21,101 Questar 1997-08-26 15,826 CanWest 1997-08-15 10,551 Enershare 1997-10-21 1,772 Enershare 1997-10-21 3,881 NCCL 1997-06-25 NCCL 1997-06-25 ECNG Inc. 1997-10-28 560 ECNG 1997-10-28 5,610 Unocal 1997-10-24 35,243 Duke Energy 1997-09-26 22,472 Questar 1997-04-01 31,651 APPENDIX 2 to Order No. E-16-97 Page 1 of 1 Remaining Type Previous Term Approval (Years) Order No. 1 Baseload E-4-91 4 Baseload E-4-91 4 Baseload E-4-91 9 Baseload E-4-91 3 Baseload E-4-91 5 Baseload E-15-94 2 Baseload E-4-91 1 U.S. Longterm E-23-93 1 U.S. Longterm E-1-92 Ñ 1 US Sup'y Mgt 3 Seasonal E-23-95 1 Seasonal E-23-95 1 Seasonal E-20-96 1 Seasonal E-23-95 3 Peaking E-23-95 1 Peaking E-23-95 1 Peaking E-20-96 1 Buy/Sell E-31-95 1 Buy/Sell E-31-95 0 1 Buy/Sell E-31-95 0 1 Buy/Sell E-31-95 1 Buy/Sell E-31-95 1 Buy/Sell E-31-95 Storage 1 (Aitken Cr.) E-23-93 Storage 2 Redelivery E-9-94 (Clay Basin) Storage 2 Redelivery E-9-94 (Clay Basin)
BC Gas Utility Ltd. 1997/98 Gas Supply Portfolio PEAK DAY 1997/98 Type Gas Supply Annual Supply Resource Contracting Plan Fort Nelson Division Canadian Baseload 522 Canadian Buy/Sell 28 U.S. Supplies ¯ Storage 370 LNG 164 Seasonal 48 Alberta Spot 33 Peaking 65 Industrial Curtailment 26 Total: 1,260 APPENDIX 3 to Order No. E-16-97 Page 1 of 1 (TJ/day) Recommended/Expected November 1, 1997 4 4 524 12 ¯ 391 164 61 33 58 26 1,273
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